Terms and Conditions


All workshops are subject to the terms and conditions on this page.


Payment Types:

We accept all major credit/debit cards, checks and PayPal. All checks can be made payable to "Jordan Roberts Photography" at:


Jordan Roberts Photography

P.O. Box 164

Dallesport, WA 98617


Cancellation, Changes and Refund Policy:

Sometimes things happen in life that are unexpected and need to take precedence. Unfortunately, these things also have a rippling affect on others as well. Oftentimes, venues are scheduled, permits are ordered and other expenses are accrued in preparation for our arrival; which means we have lost money.


A cancellation/refund policy is in effect that secures the interests of both parties.


The cancellation deadlines are as follows:

90 days or more prior to departure:  90% of tuition refunded

89-46 days prior to departure: 60% of tuition refunded

45-1 days prior to departure: 30% of tuition refunded

No cancellation or "no show" on day of arrival: 0% of tuition refunded


All cancellations are to be conducted in either of the following actions:

  • Email via my contact page
  • Phone call if provided my phone number
  • Written mail to address given above

            - Cancellation date will be subject to date of letter written; if no date, then day letter arrives in mail


Jordan Roberts and any partner photographers reserve the right to change any workshop itinerary at any time for any reason. Jordan Roberts and any partner photographers are not responsible for any fees incurred upon the clients due to such changes (i.e. airfare changes, rental cars, equipment losses, lodging, etc.)


*Online tutorial workshops are fully refunded up and to the day of reservation. If cancellation happens on the day the workshop is being conducted than no refund shall take effect.


Your Responsibilities and Obligations:

Photography can be a physically demanding and sometimes dangerous activity. We highly encourage you to assess your own attributes and abilities as well as any other requirements of such workshops before deciding to attend. Jordan Roberts Photography is released of liability under certain circumstances.


By choosing to participate in a workshop, you are responsible for a multitude of actions not limited to just the following:

  • Selecting a trip that is appropriate for your abilities both physical and intellectual
  • Be considerate of all others attending the trip
  • Act appropriately and courteously
  • Treat all others equally and with respect regarding: race, physical abilities, political opinions, gender, age, skills/knowledge relating to photography, medical conditions, financial status, dietary opinions or religious beliefs
  • Be safe in all regards. Do not endanger others or bring harm upon another
  • Follow all laws and codes of the governing authority while under the supervision of the instructors
  • No substance use (drugs, alcohol etc.) tolerated while under the supervision and direction of the instructors
  • Always listen to any directions given by an instructor, whether you agree or not; they are for your own safety!


If you do not wish to adhere by the above stated rules or act according to your responsibilities and obligations as a workshop student, Jordan Roberts Photography and any partner photographers reserve the right to separate your attendance at anytime during the workshop. If such separation occurs, no refund or credits will be granted and we are not responsible for any additional costs this separation may incur (i.e. airfare changes, rental cars, equipment losses, lodging, etc.).


Jordan Roberts Photography and any partner photographers also reserve the right to report any information to local authorities based upon the legal appropriateness of such actions committed by you.


Release of Liability:

Jordan Roberts Photography and any partner photographers are released of liability under circumstances brought upon by the client/student. If such actions exhibited by the client/student act outside of the above stated responsibilities and obligations, we take no such responsibility for any outcomes. This can apply to any injuries, damage to equipment, loss of life, loss of valuables (both monetary and physical), criminal charges, illness or any other such suffering both mental and physical.


Weather/Climate Liability Release:

Weather is the most dynamic and situational aspect of landscape photography. A great shot can be made terrible simply by a cloud formation hovering in the wrong position or a storm cloud rolling in unexpectedly and producing rain. Sometimes these sudden changes can ruin entire photography trips, and while we do our best to avoid this, it isn't always avoidable. Jordan Roberts Photography and any partner photographers cannot be held responsible for any unexpected changes in weather or any damage/loss it may cause to equipment.


Release of Liability Regarding Image Expectations:

At no time does Jordan Roberts Photography or any partner photographers promise the acquisition of professional images or above standard imaging. We are not held responsible if the client/student of any workshop does not produce an image due to any reason.


Health Concerns:

If you have any health or diet concerns please communicate those concerns during the registration process and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Final Release:

Jordan Roberts Photography or any partner photographers do not assume any responsibility for any actions resulting in injuries, loss/damage of person or property, illness or criminal arrest. These outcomes could result from, but are not limited to, any of the following: changes in climate/weather, actions from wildlife, actions from general public, actions from client/student, criminal threats, trespass, travel delays, failure of communication relating to cancellations, additional expenses relating to separation from program, government restrictions, hotel services of which we hold no control.


We reserve the right to reasonably accommodate, separate, change, alter, cancel or otherwise modify any workshop for any reason in order to secure the well-being of any group participant at any time.


**By submitting registration and payment to Jordan Roberts Photography, or any partner photographers, you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions.