Live Photoshop Tutorials/Workshops


Join me in a special live workshop over the internet where I teach you what goes into the look behind my images. This workshop is perfect for you if you have images you'd like to learn how to edit properly without spending more money for an "in-the-field" tour. I go into the editing process from start to finish, you choose the hours you want to spend on it!


For many, photoshop can be a daunting task to learn and oftentimes the part that ruins the photography experience. I try my best to simplify it into multiple steps and dissect the construction of an image. I explain my philosophy behind editing and the role it plays in photography. I also go into detail about my 3 stages of editing: Pre-Editing, Editing and Post-Editing, as well as what each entails. So let me show you how I bring the magic to my scenes where my goal is to pass onto you some knowledge to take into your next editing project!



What you need to know before signing up:

- Cost per hour: $75.00 first hour; $55.00 for each consecutive hour afterward.

- You need a solid, high quality image or I can provide one of my own.

- Skype is the program I use to share computer screens with you. It's free to download and very easy to use!

- Any skill levels are welcomed! We can start from the very beginning where I show you basic editing techniques and theories or, for the more advanced students, we can practice on more complicated construction edits.

- Most importantly, patience! Editing can either be a breeze, or very tedious. I've spent 20+ hours editing one image and only up to 1 hour on others.


Special Offer: Refer a friend and receive 25% off your next total session! Your friend must purchase a session in order to receive this great discount!


Ready to sign up? Contact me to get started! Also, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.