I first want to thank you for getting to know more about the artist behind the lens! I am a self-taught fine art landscape photographer. I grew up in Southern California where I gained almost all of my understanding for photography from the ocean and coast. Having traveled across the United States growing up I began to appreciate the natural beauty of our world. When I stumbled across photography I then knew how I would document those scenes. I am truly inspired and humbled by the raw power of nature. I am also very excited to be apart of a generation of photographers passionate about the world they live in exploring the many possibilities that new camera technology and editing programs bring.


Each and every one of my photographs means a lot to me personally. I do not take photos to stock-pile my gallery with endless photos of my travels, but instead try to create a portfolio of excellence and self-worth. I have taken thousands upon thousands of photographs and have thrown out about that many, so what you see in my gallery and thus, what you hang on your walls from my gallery, is the best of the best. I choose only the best of my photographs to be displayed publicly and take a lot of pride knowing my quest for perfection is complete when I make an emotional connection with you through a photograph. My "limited edition" collection is what I feel embodies my vision best.

I seek to capture and interpret those specific moments in time when nature makes a statement. I tend to be someone who contemplates a lot, perhaps too much. As a result I try to make each of my images convey a message, maybe different for everyone. Over the years I've come to realize that photography is less about skill as it is about accepting what nature/life gives you. Being able to appreciate the circumstances and conditions given to you will not only help your experiences in life but will help to make you a more diverse photographer. So, I invite you to walk down the gallery with me and see the world through my eyes and maybe I can bring something unique to the walls of your home. Or perhaps I can simply inspire anyone to get out there and enjoy the world they live in, always remembering that nature has an interesting way of humbling us all.